The Pastoral Team


The Church is currently under the leadership of Pr. Richard and Mrs. Rose Wangwe who have given of their time, resources and offered their lives as a sacrifice to the work of the Gospel. They have been very instrumental in ensuring that the church and the people of God grow and are taught the right way. Though they both have full time jobs away from ministry, this has not hindered their selfless leadership and through them the church is shining because they are a wonderful example both as pastors, parents and married people. They offer the spiritual leadership and cover that the church needs. They do not work alone but work with the eldership board that offers support, advice and lessens the burden on the pastor. They have four biological children and so many spiritual children.

The Pastoral Assistant

The Pastoral assistant is the one that helps to ensure all needs of the church are met in the presence or absence of the pastor, he is a helper suitable that provides a helping hand at all times, support and lessens the burden on the lead pastor Pr. Simon Anyonga is currently the pastoral assistant and his wife offers the support he needs. Since the Lead Pastor has a full time job, he is there to help in supporting the church in all ways necessary. He is married to Mrs. Dorcus Anyonga  with two lovely sons.

The Eldership board

These are men that have been selected to relieve the burden from the pastors and ensure that the church affairs are run smoothly. God told Moses to select elders according to Numbers 11:16-17, “ then the Lord said to Moses, Gather for me seventy of the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people and officers over them and bring them to the tent of meeting and let them take their stand there with you. And I will come down and talk with you there. And I will take some of the Spirit that is on you and put it on them, and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you may not bear it yourself alone”.

Having elders is according to the word of God and so these are people that have been selected and anointed so that they bear the burden of ministry with the pastor. They are;

Pr. Titus Oundo.


He is the former Lead pastor of Deliverance church Kira up to2018 when he handed over the mantle of leadership to Pr. Richard Wangwe. He is married to Mama Doreen Oundo who is also very important to the women ministry. He is very instrumental and an integral part of the eldership board because since he has been there before he can offer support, advice and a wealth of wisdom to the Lead pastor and the church. As a Spiritual father, he is able to teach how to build ministry to all and his experience in the Gospel is an added bonus to us as a church. We are grateful for the gift that he and his wife are to us, and for they selflessness to serve even after now.

Pr. Richard Wangwe.

He is also an elder despite being the Lead Pastor because he has the anointing and experience to share with the other elders as the ordained of the Lord. This makes him an important part of this group of people.

Elder(Dr.) Micheal Masanza.

(Picture of Elder Micheal and his wife)He is an elder in the church married to Dr. Mrs. Monica Masanza , with three biological children and many others and he is a dean of agriculture at Uganda Christian University, Mukono.  A man that honors and fears God and with his wealth of wisdom relieves the burden of the Pastor.

Elder (Dr.) Emmanuel Othieno.

(Picture of Dr. and his wife)He is a medical doctor and pathologist and works with Mulago Hospital as a consultant and holds many other responsibilities. He is married to Mrs. Esther Othieno and they have four children. He is very experienced and knows God being a strong pillar of the Eldership board.

Elder Okurut Emmanuel.

(Picture of Uncle Emma and wife)He is an accountant with a strong family so he is a strong family man. He is married to Mrs. Anita Okurut with four children. He is a worshipper and a lover of God.

Elder Stephen Khaukha.

(picture of elder Khaukha and wife)He is a wonderful and humble servant of the Lord that gives great advice to the eldership board. He is married to Mrs. Anne Khaukha and they have a number of children they have raised in the fear of God.

Elder (Dr.) Iriso Robert.

(picture of dr. and wife)He is a pediatrician that works in many places and also a prayer warrior that has completely given his life to the work of ministry and has helped deliver many from the works of evil through prayer and the word of God. He is married to Dr. Mrs. Esther Iriso and they have four wonderful children. His love for God makes him relieve the burden of the pastor.

Elder Fredrick Luzze.

He is man that has given of his time to serve the Lord and help in ensuring ministry goes smoothly and is married to Mrs. Mable Luzze who is a deacon for the Daughters of Zion, a department in the church. They are married with four children.

Elder Peter Okwakol.

He is currently working abroad but still contributes greatly to the ministry and church despite the distance. He is married to Mrs. Doreen Okwakol and they have four children.

The Secretariat

  • Pastor Richard Wangwe
  • Pastor Anyonga Simon
  • Bukosia Isaac- Church Administrator
  • Dhatemwa Sarah- Church Accountant
  • Jackson Owor- Security
  • Wandera David- Security

P-save group

  • Mrs. Betty Wangota