There are a number of departments in the church and these are headed by deacons who over see their they are functioning and achieving the intended purpose of why they are in existence. These are small groups for the involvement of all the congregation to ensure growth. These include;


This is a group headed by Deacon Mr. Paul Womawungo and these are all men from the age of 14 years that are the future husbands, fathers and leaders…


This is headed by Deacon Mr. Florence Womawungo and this entails the choir, instrumentalists and the sound people. They are the onesa that…


This is headed by Deacon Mrs. Rose Wangwe the wife of
the pastor and its for all those who are married and have made the lifetime


This is under the leadership of Deacon Mr. Moses Cherukut and these include the people that receive all those that come to church  with a smile and make the visitors feel welcome.


This is headed by Deacon Mr. Stephen Ssali and its for physical fitness of the church and it includes athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, netball and indoor games like scrabble and chess.  


This is headed by Deacon Mrs. Harriet Lakor and its for the physical, emotional and social well-being of the church. A sick church is not a representation of Christ so there are services


This is for those aged between 14 years to 35 years and is headed by Deacons Mr. Emma and Mrs. Stella Wangota.


This entails of all men and women that are not yet married and are of marriage age starting with those that have …


This is headed by Deacon Mr. Paul Edyangu and its for home cells where people meet in their homes to pray, have fellowship and know each other better.


This is for those that go out to preach the Gospel to the cities and nations. Its for the mission group that goes out to universities, villages and all that need the word of God